1Tax Haven
For those who come to our website often, they noticed that terminated a few jurisdictions under our list. 

There are various reasons why we are no longer want to sell these jurisdictions. Firstly, the pricing from our registered agent no longer attractive. Secondly, these jurisdictions that we terminated have no key selling point. Finally, we don't think those jurisdictions that we terminated will be attractive to anyone. 

Let me explain why are we retaining Belize, BVI, Seychelles, Panama, the Cook Islands, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK. 

Seychelles is one of the cheapest offshore jurisdictions and there are clients who love to use it. 

Belize is a well-known offshore financial centre and very soon we will be able to help individuals to incorporate financial service companies in near term. These include fund manager, FX trader, stock broker and etc. We will also be providing Belize Trust and Foundation service in near term as well. 

Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK are the 3 jurisdictions that are reputable and we should use these companies as marketing companies.

Panama is good as well despite the Panama Papers saga. It has a few DTAs as well which translates to lower tax for Panama companies' shareholders.

We recently have a few new services from the Cook Islands as well. We are able to incorporate the Cook Islands IBC, LLC, Trust and Foundation. But why the Cook Islands? In the offshore jurisdictions, the Cook Islands is known to ignore foreign court's orders if these orders are not in line with the Cook Islands' laws. 

The good news is, we will be having Mauritius in near term and it is a very popular jurisdiction as it has a lot of DTAs. In fact, it is one of the offshore jurisdictions with the most DTAs. Not only we will have GBC1 in near term, we should be able to incorporate GBC2, Foundation and Trust in Mauritius. 

We have all these useful jurisdictions which enable us to plan very versatile corporate structures for businessmen. There are structures for privacy and there are structures for assets protections. A lot of offshore corporate owners are having the view that a simple offshore company will achieve financial privacy and assets protection. We think this is a very risky way of thinking from our viewpoint. In fact, there are many of these corporate owners will pave the way to commit tax evasion if they are not careful. What is the difference between tax evasion and tax planning? The answer is very straightforward, it is the prison wall. 

We do not want to only sell offshore companies, we are solution providers. We are able to make use of all these entities help customers to achieve what they want, I think these entities are good enough. There is no point to bring in more jurisdictions.