1OffshoreOffshore CorpServe is an honor to announce that it launched an e-commerce site on 23 March 2016. Our vision is to be a leader in an online company that specializes in incorporating companies globally. The Internet was a game changer in the business world. Our slogan, "Is a whole new world", suggests the world became smaller with no boundary with the use of Internet. Likewise, our business should not be limited by where we are. We will make incorporating business globally an easy task for individuals and corporates. We will add in more jurisdictions in our portfolio to increase our global coverage.

Besides assisting individual establishing businesses globally, we will oversee the process of account opening for these offshore companies. We understand the needs of companies, especially the offshore companies. With so many rules and regulations in place, offshore companies may not be widely accepted as banking clients. If a crime is about to take place, it can happen anywhere, not limiting to offshore companies. In fact, the financial institutions require more answers whenever we open banking facilities. This is the reason why Offshore CorpServe exists. 

Although we are able to provide incorporating service in 15 jurisdictions now, we will increase the number of jurisdictions as soon as possible and the cost of incorporating will be lowered in the months ahead as we put our clients as our top priority. Cost effective solutions without compromising the service we provide to our clients.

The spectrum of services will increase as well. Be patient and wait for more interest products launching in the months ahead.

Thank you,

Offshore CorpServe