1280 x 800 World MapDoes the idea of owning an asset-backed offshore MNC with global reach sound interesting to you?

Step 1:  We assist individuals in setting up companies, not only in their own resident country but also in the jurisdictions they prefer. This is the first thing that our solutions offer. .

Step 2: You cannot function with only your company's name, you need to have banking facilities. Although we only get in touch with the banks in Singapore to open accounts for clients, we will be adding more banking relationships in our portfolio in the coming months. 

Step 3: Setup a store front or at least let the whole world know you exist. Offshore CorpServe will be adding webhosting/web designing in their portfolio and we will offer this service as well.  To leverage on the Internet, I recommend you to set up a multi-language website. We will have copy writers and web designers to make things happen. 

Step 4: Establish office globally. Is that difficult? My answer is no. Drop us an email and I will do it for you.

Step 5: Contact number globally. The cost is not as daunting as one may expect. Let us solve this problem for you as well. All you have to decide is how many countries you want and where you want it. 

The objective looks difficult to achieve initially, when be break it up to smaller pieces, it is achievable and should be able to do so within a month. The next question you have to ask yourself is what you like to do with your new offshore company. Will it become the next billion dollar company? You decide, not me. 

With the resources at our disposal, we are confident that our solutions (that are uniquely customisable) will meet your objectives.  

Fill up the contact form in our site and we can customise something for you. 

Thank you,

Offshore CorpServe